Commercial Crossword-Dictionary Authors and Publishers - Get Digital for Free


Crossword-dictionary authors and publishers, why not include a modern high speed digital GUI in any paper dictionary to allow for rapid look-up word searching (i.e. A???G??E) with clues and browse? Convert present or out-of-print paper dictionaries to a high speed modern-day digital work. Forget the extremely slow E-Book format and convert to a super fast searching engine.

It could not be easier.

The Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer” is a high-speed digital program (not a slow simple E-Book) and in version 5 has the ability to incorporate external dictionaries such as yours. I invite you to investigate this new “plug-in” project, which is compatible with MS and Macintosh.

With absolutely no programming or cost, the entire paper book can for the first time be digital with a high speed modern GUI including rapid searching (look-up words with missing letters and multiple clues) and full browse functionality. “The Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer” version 5 allows the user to switch between multiple plug-in dictionaries, its main dictionary and a private user created dictionary. The new plug-in dictionaries will have the same functionality as the main dictionary.

The only requirement to convert a paper dictionary to a digital plug-in is formatting of the word processor text files to be consistent with “The Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer”. Crosswordstar has custom editing software to help facilitate the re-formatting.

1. Look-up words are 2 to 15 characters long.

2. The clues are at character location 17 and following. (Word processor global change using column selection makes this easy)

3. Clue words can be formatted either in alphabetized vertical columns or horizontal rows. (Crosswordstar has special software to automate the conversion of horizontal rows to vertical columns if needed)

4. Font is fixed width.

There will be no cost and no obligations for you to accept this plug-in project. Crosswordstar will convert the word processor text files to a single plug-in and send you the finished plug-in and text files to you. It than can be sold and marketed by you as a digital download and/or a CD that works with both the PC and Macintosh. You might even include the CD with the paper version.

Crosswordstars’ “The Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer” will gain exposure by piggybacking on publisher marketing efforts while you expand dollars by eliminating the absence from the digital world. As a side benefit, you can increase the frequency of new versions with little to no cost, which will result in added dollars.

Upon requests from commercially published authors and publishers, Crosswordstar would be pleased to send you a copy of the most recent version “The Crossworders’ Dictionary and Gazetteer” version 5 CD (Mac or PC) for review. The Macintosh version is sold on the Apple “Mac App Store”.

I invite you to investigate this new “plug-in” project and would be pleased to get any questions and hear suggestions and comments.